New Character

I started to create new characters that i might use for future projects. She doesn't have a name yet and i'm still figuring out what she is. more in flickr


Mashed up

Just made a new illustration!. I tried to mash up few styles and see if it works. Will post the final illustration when i'm done with the coloring. Cheers!


My Portable Design Studio

This is everything that i use when i have design and illustration projects.
Top to bottom from left:

1. A Tote bag: a light weight bag i got from F&H, You can put alot of things inside, boxes and bottles, good for shopping too! It's very handy and sturdy.

2. Pilot fine markers: i have three but i use it often.

3. Tempura eraser and a black no-dust eraser from Muji: A friend of mine gave it to me but the tempura eraser doesn't serve its purpose.

4. Topman herring bone wallet : Its made of herring bone fabric and it's very classy, it has a lot of compartments for credit cards and any card but it doesnt have a photo frame in it. lol Darn.!

5. Motorola V3: I lost my Samsung phone last year so my friend lend me hers. It's a good phone though.

6. Mongol No.2 Pencil: There's not a student I know who hasn't ever used this pencil haha.

7. UniPin fine line pen 0.5 and Kuretake Drawing Pen 0.5:

8. Faber-castell Text liner: I often use this too.

9:  Flash drives: 8g, 1g, 16g, 3g

10: Flash light: It's very handy whenever i can't find my stuffs inside my bag.

11. 50 sheet 9"x12" Corona Sketch Pad: it's cheap and the quality of the paper is also good.

12: Samsung Pebble Mp3: My 3 year old mp3. It has lot of songs in it. I always need music whenever i do projects and illustrations.

i forgot the
13: Leather Bag: I bought this bag from a thrift shop in Fairview. It doesn't have compartments inside but the space is enough to carry a big shoe box


New Illustration

New Illustration supposedly for a book. I hope i made it through the deadline, haha!. I just need to do some coloring then im done. :)
Boredom made me do this. hehe
This one too, i'm attempting 3d, lol! fail! Am i doing it right? uhm.


I did this while i'm working. I failed to finish it but i think simple glowing fonts looks good.

Hand Fight!

Some random illustrations!

This Coming February

It's been a long time since i  designed shirts for Folded and Hung. The last collection that i made as far as i can remember was the Happy Doodle Shirt collaboration with Tim Yap. Luckily the sales are pretty awesome. Now, i have new prints coming out this February! Here's a teaser! I hope you like it guys! Cheers! More Love!.

Work in Progress

I'm starting a new series of illustrations right now. I'm planning to combine two different style but still haven't figure out what to use! Hargh! So i still don't know what to do. haha.



Hey Guys! I'm Anjo, I design for a living. Candidly, i forgot the idea of putting up this blog haha! It was supposed to be a portfolio blog but web design isn't my forte, my brain starts to swell and blood oozes out of my belly (i'd commit harakiri) whenever i attempt to read css codes. I can't even remove the blogger favicon. NEED help! Oh! well, I talk too much... I'm not good at blogging, I just love talking, actually, I think its cool to have one, because bloggers are cool. Most of my cool friends blog and now that I have one, now I think i'm cool. It doesn't only justify my existence but it also makes me feel cool. Being cool gives you a ticket to brag on what you do *evil laugh* Nuh! So, expect to see few of my works and projects everyday and some doodles everytime I cyberslack at work. Hey! you can also visit 200/70 blog. It was spawned to trot out awesome artists of diverse fields anywhere from the globe. Cheers!