Hats On, Bottoms Off Exhibit, Manila Philippines

  Wawi Navarroza

 Dina Gadia

 Mica Cabildo

  Mariano Ching

Dex Fernandez

Last night i went to the opening of Hats On, Bottoms Off exhibit with Pau of AKK (Anak ng Kwek Kwek) and Burnwater peeps Quix and Raf  at the Blanc Gallery located at Shaw Blvd. It was my first time to visit the gallery, and i was amazed how spacious and modern the place is. I can actually do cartwheels inside.The show gives a western vibe and reminds me of old Clint Eastwood films( but i can't remember any ..hmmm -.-). Here are few shots of awesome works of newly found friends showcased in the exhibition.I really want to take home that big cushioned cactus.