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Personal Illustrations

Series of illustration i made for Art in the Park, Ink on Watercolor paper. Glad and yet sad they were sold out, got too attached on my works hehe.

Holometabolous 2

Bensimon X Anjo Bolarda

         I was commissioned by Bensimon to design some pair of shoes based on the theme " Parisian Love".
This is for the launch of their brand here in Manila. So i came up with the idea of using a quote written from an emblem which i found in a book titled "Theatre of Love". The word is " Les Deux Sont Un" which means "The two is one".


  • I was asked to create a design for a music event supporting indie bands all over the Phillippines. So i came up with this design, inspired from the imagery of the common symbol of freedom
    Rationale: I was inspired from the Melodious Babbler  (Malacopteron palawanense) ,It is endemic to the Philippines.Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and It is threatened by habitat loss. It is described to be very vocal but very shy and hard to see. What's wonderful about this bird is it can sing a 5-note rhythmic whistle. So somehow resembles the qualities of indie bands and musicians.( very shy, rare to find and very musical) so i used it in the drawing holding an electric guitar, similar to the dove with a laurel leaf on its beak.

    see more here:

Wanderland 2013

 Wanderland 2013 invited me and Martojaks to do live art for the festival, Martojaks wasn't able to fly up to manila so we just planned things via online, 

Sorry for my bad Korean handwriting hehe! thought of writing it though the imagery is japanese, to raise the idea that some Filipinoes get confused between Japanese and Korean..thats all if you don't like it..i can't delete it haha! Cheers!

La Guarimba International Film Festival

Illustration i made under Lavio Illustration Agency for the La Guarimba an international film festival from Barcelona, I am so honored to be a part of their project, check out their tumblr to know more about the festival  http://laguarimba.tumblr.com/