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Day Dream Express Project

Shattered Shell Animalia Series

HALO2X Singapore Show

Photos from my show HALO2X in Detention Barracks Singapore

Crested Tees X Anjo Bolarda


Nescafe Dolce Gusto Asian Design Competition

First of all, im not really into competitions hahaha! i just joined this one hoping that it will get me a spot to win a trip to Japan for free hahaha! but yeah i failed haha! oh well! but somehow i enjoyed creating this illustration :D coz i really like doing package designs haha!.and sometimes i dont really have the motivation to create a personal design for portfolio use, but i'm glad i pushed my self to create one haha. Here is the design i made inspired from how amazing Genio is even if its  a small machine. so i came up with a design explaining my curiosity towards the product, so there are little workers/ engineers who are responsible in making good coffee :D. Even if i didnt got in :D i got good feedbacks from alot of people that they loved the design:D Cheers!

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