Jeepney Arts Festival

Last September we volunteered to paint one of the 50 jeepneys in the Jeepney Art Festival. Supposedly it's a competition but we didn't think of that much. It's our first time to paint a jeepney haha (the whole jeepney), so I'm crossing it out on my bucket list hehe. :D Good thing it end up sooo colorful haha! :D You can see this around Pandacan and L. Guinto :D. 

98B crew yo!!

Applying Prime to the whole jeepney x.x damn x.x

Actually i don't know what I'm goin to draw haha!

Almost done :D


Old illustration i made for an exhbition titled "The Theory of the Metaphysical Gravity". Basically the illustration is about love haha.. and yeah, i end up doing this..was so hungry while drawing this..so its a couple with a burger and pizza forming a heart.

check the whole illustration here http://www.flickr.com/photos/anjobolarda/4436224275/in/photostream

Berliner-Liste 2012

Some of my works showcased in the Berliner-Liste 2012 in Germany under Pantocrator Gallery, Thanks to Laura and Berto for considering my works :D Cheers!


Illustration i made under 98B for the TEDX Diliman event last month. Just posted few layout studies coz i can't decide where to put the elements hahaha other people may have different intertrepatation of the layouts i made haha. Cheers!

more info about TEDXDiliman here https://www.facebook.com/TEDxDiliman