Anjo Bolarda is a self-taught artist whose works have been showcased and exhibited in several international venues: Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, France, Belgium, Germany, US, Spain, London, Malaysia and in New York. As a community founder of Behance Philippines, co-founder of Designers of Asia, core member of 98B artCOLLABoratory, a contributor of Get Freaky, an illustration magazine based in France, and an illustrator for LAVIO, an illustration Agency in Barcelona, Spain. Bolarda has a wide avenue in exploring his creative outlets. His pen and ink renditions are highly detailed, evoking an edgy contemporary quality. “I call my style ‘Sukiyaki-Western." (coined from Tarantino's film Sukiyaki Western, Django)  It is a marriage of Japanese art, Western street art and low brow illustrations. I employ a lot of flowy florals, female characters( which he calls Nasties) , animals, mythological creatures and typography in my works,” shares Bolarda.  His arresting illustrations emanate from personal experiences, narratives shared by others and moments of depression. “All my works tell a story.  I am able to express my emotions through my art.  I tell it with lines and details. I alter my negativities into something creative,” volunteers the artist.  Bolarda has indeed channeled his melancholy into inspired and imaginative outputs.  One is instantly drawn and mesmerized by the linear refinements. The meticulous renderings conjure enormous depth; that which educe a vintage yet current feel.  


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