Illustration i made for an exhibition in Hong Kong. The idea is to create our own design of album cover of our favorite band., so i chose The Tenniscoats since most of my works was inspired by their music. This illustration is based on one of their songs in the Tan Tan Therapy album titled "One Swan Swim"


Inotri Creative

My best buddies from Malaysia , Martojaks Wayleon and Carson Yim is brewing something awesome for 2013. They call it Inotri Creative, its a platform for artist to promote their works, do artist interviews, create a special gallery to showcase the featured artist and the best part is, they produce novelty items too. Better keep posted once the site is up. They have a list of awesome artist from illustration to concept design and painting. www.inotri.com and also check them out on Facebook www.facebook.com/InotriCreative
My best


Nasty Hills

Lately i've been designing new characters to complete Nasty Hills, an imaginary world i created under Nast design direction. In addition for my pin-up girls i also created few mystical guardian creatures, based on a dragon, a chimera, a stag and a unicorn. Can't wait to show everyone Nasty Hills but still needs alot of work haha. Cheers!

Nasties BXW

New series of Nasties i created while im on vacation, I enjoyed using black white and just used one color which is red, coz it goes along with black. Will be creating more illustration like this aside from the typical colored Nasties. Updating soon! Cheers!