Red/Black sketches

Few sketches i made last boring saturday hehe! and Oh I started to add some color for my sketches.. Well black looks better with red i think. hehe! Cheers!


Baby Doll! sketch!

was so bored at home so i made my version of Baby doll! I'm planning to draw the other girls but i can't remember their clothes haha! 


Burnwater Design Studios : Project X

Burnwater Design Studio: Project X Soon!

Paper Porn

Im working on an cool project right now with my awesome friend Sams Ooi! It's called PaperPorn! haha! but its not about pornography! you can check our info so you know what we are talkin about. The idea is Doodle X Origami! The idea of not just doodling in a flat paper but also making use of the paper! You can form it into anything that you want. Sorry but scissors is not allowed. This is a test of imagination and creativity. So im inviting you guys to join us! :) and post some of your crazy stuff!
search us in facebook! Paper Porn

Dum Gun Juju x Anjo Bolarda

Last week i started to learn new illustration style.well its different from my usual doodly drawings and patterned pin ups , coz this is more detailed and the elements are supposed to be more realisitic. Here are some of the illustrations i made last Saturday! i made four drawings within the day! haha! i got too excited. but it's still rough and maybe i need more smoother paper. Not bad for first time! i'll make more and tell me what you think about it! Oh you can see the four illustrations in my behance account, here is the link



I always try to find time to visit Van Gogh is Bipolar every week. haha! This is a perfect place to stay after a stressful work and if you need  an awesome place for inspiration.(The owner is an inspiration too!)I made a thank you doodle for him after a free tea and delicious desserts! hehehe! Cheers

Invading I Love Froyo!

I sometimes spend time in  I Love Froyo with friends after work hehe you can catch me there having tea , doodling and destroying some chairs LOL!


Got myslelf involved in a concert slash on-the-spot doodling event of a friend Alan Floralde. hehe! here are some shots from my friend's cam.