Hey Guys! I'm Anjo, I design for a living. Candidly, i forgot the idea of putting up this blog haha! It was supposed to be a portfolio blog but web design isn't my forte, my brain starts to swell and blood oozes out of my belly (i'd commit harakiri) whenever i attempt to read css codes. I can't even remove the blogger favicon. NEED help! Oh! well, I talk too much... I'm not good at blogging, I just love talking, actually, I think its cool to have one, because bloggers are cool. Most of my cool friends blog and now that I have one, now I think i'm cool. It doesn't only justify my existence but it also makes me feel cool. Being cool gives you a ticket to brag on what you do *evil laugh* Nuh! So, expect to see few of my works and projects everyday and some doodles everytime I cyberslack at work. Hey! you can also visit 200/70 blog. It was spawned to trot out awesome artists of diverse fields anywhere from the globe. Cheers!