My Portable Design Studio

This is everything that i use when i have design and illustration projects.
Top to bottom from left:

1. A Tote bag: a light weight bag i got from F&H, You can put alot of things inside, boxes and bottles, good for shopping too! It's very handy and sturdy.

2. Pilot fine markers: i have three but i use it often.

3. Tempura eraser and a black no-dust eraser from Muji: A friend of mine gave it to me but the tempura eraser doesn't serve its purpose.

4. Topman herring bone wallet : Its made of herring bone fabric and it's very classy, it has a lot of compartments for credit cards and any card but it doesnt have a photo frame in it. lol Darn.!

5. Motorola V3: I lost my Samsung phone last year so my friend lend me hers. It's a good phone though.

6. Mongol No.2 Pencil: There's not a student I know who hasn't ever used this pencil haha.

7. UniPin fine line pen 0.5 and Kuretake Drawing Pen 0.5:

8. Faber-castell Text liner: I often use this too.

9:  Flash drives: 8g, 1g, 16g, 3g

10: Flash light: It's very handy whenever i can't find my stuffs inside my bag.

11. 50 sheet 9"x12" Corona Sketch Pad: it's cheap and the quality of the paper is also good.

12: Samsung Pebble Mp3: My 3 year old mp3. It has lot of songs in it. I always need music whenever i do projects and illustrations.

i forgot the
13: Leather Bag: I bought this bag from a thrift shop in Fairview. It doesn't have compartments inside but the space is enough to carry a big shoe box